Latex Sex & 5 Reasons To Try!

5 Reasons To Try Latex Sex!

First things first… everybody knows and loves something about latex sex, even if you’re not aware of it. Whether it’s Catwoman, that music video of Rihanna, some guilty pleasure porn video you keep returning to, or even your favorite superhero!

Most condoms are made of latex, so if you still weren’t grateful for this magic material yet then maybe now you are!

That being said, it’s still somewhat of a niche within most households; and the wonderful world of lingerie, roleplay, or other imaginative sex games is still largely undiscovered for many, despite the internet’s showcasing of everything under the latex sun!

So here are 5 reasons why you might decide to try giving your sex life a latex-boost…

1) It feels good!

The internet is filled with this-and-that health condition, potential reactions or other symptoms to one’s skin being exposed to latex. The reality is, however, a latex allergy is extremely rare among both men and women. Exposure to the material is harmless for almost everyone and so there is little need to worry about an allergic reaction if looking to spice up your sex life with latex.

Furthermore, just as regular latex condoms and other female condoms show, it feels pretty damn good against the skin! The rubber even allows for a remarkable amount of sensitivity on the skin, meaning that every single time you experiment with latex, the sense of touch and connection between you and your partner should remain!

2) There Are Many Options!

If you ask people with latex clothing, or any other unusual latex product, they’ll explain to you just HOW many ways there are to enjoy and experiment with latex. Latex gloves are a popular one, just as tight dresses, lingerie, short skirts, tights etc are also. Various superheroes and pop stars are testament to this vast world of sexy latex options!

Latex condoms alone, even, offer a whole host of lubricant, flavour, size and colour options! And latex sex toys are a whole other universe of their own; especially for those looking to push the barriers even further.

3) Latex sex: It’s really sexy!

So now it’s time to talk about that good ol’ fashioned latex fetish that all of you have been hiding. Well, maybe not everyone, but many would agree that latex really is sexy!

One of the likely symptoms of wearing latex, rather than dry skin, sensitive skin or some other latex allergy symptoms, is that your partner will be madly attracted to you and excited to enjoy time together in the bedroom!

Exposure to latex is quite breathtaking for the average male eye (let me assure you) and there are countless items available online that will help to make your wildest romantic fantasies come true. So invite the power of latex into your bedroom today and your biggest problem, rather than the shyness you first expected, might instead be using birth control once you finally get going!

4) It Can Be Sustainable Also!

The number of latex manufacturers nowadays means that latex products can be remarkably well made. Especially if you’re conscious of who and what you choose, and are happy to spend a little more money, there are natural products out there for every need.

Ideally, latex should give that skin on skin feeling, while also creating a powerful sexual fiction, further adding to the experience. Skin on skin means that the material is as natural as our own skin also, which many companies out there are now able to provide.

The natural lube on latex condoms, also, is impressively harm-free; usually with a choice of either water-based or silicone-based lubricant. Nothing beats natural skin, as well as the genital fluids created from ordinary human intercourse… latex products go perhaps further than any other in allowing for things to remain natural, while also heightening the sexual experience for all involved.

5) It’s Playful!

A woman with latex is, more often than not, a choiceful, confident one. People over time have started to understand and accept the importance of fully expressing oneself; sexually, creatively, imaginatively etc. The simple average person is passionate and playful at the core; trustful of other bodies as well as their own. It is normal (not exceptional) actually that such flavours as cherry sunrise or passion daiquiri should excite and inspire the human body.

Health and vitality is much more than just dietary supplements. It is a whole sensual experience of taste, touch, sound and smell. Sexual contact with one’s partner is often the bridge to these most wonderful and loving journeys; and sexual contact is also a way of finding new qualities and ideas within oneself and one’s relationship.

If the risk of infection or pregancy within the realm of sex is understandable (and of course sensible to consider), then the whole expression of one’s being is also abolutely necessary. We are here to play and to thrive as sexual beings after all… not to merely survive.

So give Latex a try today! Whether it’s some new type of condom, unique item of clothing or wild new sex toy, trust your self to make the very most from your new adventure. Listen to your heart and Latex certainly won’t let you down!

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