Bottomless lingerie is a great way to spice up the bedroom.  When things have been left to the imagination for long enough, sometimes a more direct approach is needed.

Bottomless lingerie offers the body accentuating form factor of most lingerie styles with the added bonus of not having to be removed when the heat rises in the bedroom. 

bottomless lingerie - assless yoga pants
“Not much left to the imagination….”


Depending on your skin tone, its best to choose a colour that compliments you and your best features.  If you have a paler skin colour, then its best to choose light, softer colours , such as soft pinks.  If you have darker skin tone then you can use lingerie colours that are brighter and more vibrant such as bright reds.

When you are in the process of choosing lingerie colours it can get quite confusing.  Especially if you are buying something special for another person.  Overthinking things and trying to match skin tone with the perfect colour of lingerie can sometimes get a bit overwhelming.  But there is a “cheat” when it comes to picking the perfect colour:  Black lingerie is the answer.  It is a timeless colour that never goes out of fashion and suits any skin tone.


There are quite a few different styles of bottomless undergarments.  These can range from bottomless stockings to bottomless pyjamas all the way to bottomless panties, assless yoga pants, crotchless yoga pants and even bottomless dresses.

The style you choose depends entirely up to your personal taste and level of adventurousness.  One thing all these styles of lingerie have is that the intended outcome is plainly visible and not hidden.  There is no beating around the bush, so to speak when you wear this style of lingerie.

The style you choose can also (strangely) depend on the climate you live in.  When the temperature rises between the sheets, but the actual temperature in the bedroom is freezing, wearing a pair small pair of ouvert underwear will not help things once the blankets and sheets are cast aside.  This is where a warm pair of bottomless pyjamas or even a pair of assless yoga pants will come in handy.  With the legs warmly covered things don’t have to come to a halt once the bed sheets and blankets come off in a cold room.

Crotchless yoga pants
Another seductive example of bottomless lingerie: crothcless yoga pants.


Finding the correct fit for this style of lingerie is important but not as hard as you might think.  As long as you get the correct overall size correct, (s, m, l, xl, etc..), bottomless lingerie easily conforms to the users body shape extremely easily.  This is due to the cut out “bottom” section that allows for a near perfect fit no matter what the body shape or size.  Most bottomless lingerie styles are made of stretchy fabric that gently hugs and conforms to the wearers booty shape and size.

Just choose the same size as your everyday panties size and you can’t go wrong.

Big bootys and little bootys look amazing in this style of lingerie.


Basically this style of lingerie suits all body shapes and sizes as well as accentuating the natural curves of the wearer.

They are a fun way to add some novelty and excitement into the bedroom.

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