Yoga Pants for Sex

did you just say…?

Yup, we did! Crotchless Yoga Pants. We know you’ve thought about yoga pants for sex, so have we. Sexy yoga!

Hotter than hot, Cherry ChiChi crotchless yoga pants will add a sexy sizzle to your next bedroom work-out.
They’re a sexy new take on yoga pants, erotic yoga pants! Loved by couples around the world. Consider it a new kinda Om. Zen Sexy!
Everyone looks and feels good in yoga pants, now its time to really show off that yoga pants booty!

Our signature Crotchless Yoga Pants

Yoga Pants for Sex!

Assless Yoga Pants!

Our newest sexy addition to the Cherry ChiChi collection. Our Assless Yoga Pants leave absolutely nothing up to the imagination.

The “assless” cut-out has been lovingly designed to enhance and accentuate your best feature perfectly.

If you have ever thought about havnig sex in yoga pants, then these yoga inspired assless leggings are for you.

Our luxuriously soft and stretchy fabric lifts and hugs your curves in all the right places.

The naughtiest yoga pants ever made

Our Cherry ChiChi open yoga pants are a smoldering dream made reality.
Whether it is our crotchless yoga pants or our assless yoga pants, you have to admit that these yoga inspired pieces of provocative lingerie are hot.
Combining plush, curve hugging fabric with a modern if not slightly mischievous take on a classic design.

Cherry ChiChi Crotchless Yoga Pants


Add Sizzle & Steam to the Bedroom

Our Cherry ChiChi erotic yoga pants will make any work-out a seductively sensual experience.

Need a playful present

Surprise that special person in your life with a sexy yoga inspired present.


Hip hugging with a sexy twist, that accentuates your yoga booty.


Transform your bedroom into a sexy yoga temple of Looove.

classic meets cheeky

The classic yoga pants design has been revamped!  Bedroom yoga is now ALOT more fun!

Crotchless Yoga Pants


Assless Yoga Pants

& more!

yoga pants for sex!

Everyone looks good in yoga pants, thats why yoga pants are one of the most popular womens clothing items available today.
For good reason too.
We here at Cherry ChiChi have combined the comfortable, universally flattering aspects of yoga pants with a sexy new twist!
If you have ever thought about having sex in yoga pants then you have come to the right place!
Cherry ChiChi crotchless yoga pants and assless yoga pants are the sexiest lingerie that has been inspired by yoga.
Yoga sex!
Zen sexy!


Wonderful!  5/5 stars
Emma Texas
I bought these for my wife and we love them!  Well made, fast delivery, very sexy!
James Idaho
I now love yoga!  Never did before, but now I do.
David California
We bought these on a whim.  We are really happy we did. Crotchless yoga pants for the win!
L & T Florida
Love the idea.  Well made and good quality fabric thats soft.  Very functional for what they are designed for…
R & S Sydney, Australia
Arrived fast in the mail.  The box they come in looks amazing.  Well made leggings.  Lots of fun with these.
Noah Montanna
I didn’t know I needed these in my life & my wife LOVES them!
Liam Florida
These are great.  Hubby loves yoga now!
Charlotte Iowa
We love these so much.  I bought these as a surprise.  So worth it!
Olivia California
Ava & Sam New Jersey
Pure gold!  Love them!  My GF’s ass looks AMAZING in these!                                                                                                                                                                                   7/5 stars
TR Texas
I blew my man’s mind with these for valentines day.  The Assless yoga pants are next level!
Jenn Utah
OMG!  The assless yoga pants are PERFECT!
Mary California

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