Butt Poses for the Ultimate Booty.

The Ultimate Butt Poses.

Having a round, firm, and bubbly ass is something every woman prides herself in. We all know that genetics contribute a lot to the butt size and shape. However, anyone can work for that firm, strong, sexy, and healthy booty. There are those who don’t have to work for it but if you aren’t in that category, why complain? Enroll in a yoga class and start with butt poses to work that ass. What do you think these ladies go for when enrolling for yoga classes? Well, the class is fun and it helps stretch your body keeping you in shape. However, yoga does more for your booty than those plain squats you’ve been doing all this time. It also works great for the upper body and the gluteus muscles. If you want the ultimate butt, below are some of the butt poses you can try.

 Down Facing Dog

Not like the doggy style, you are accustomed to but it is a great one. With this pose, practice makes perfect. Some people have the experience in this pose but if we go by sticking your butt up, this is a pretty tough and good one as well. Already visualizing the doggy style? Well, get rid of that image. This pose involves sticking your butt up, facing down and you won’t go on your knees. Maybe after you are used to the pose and want to experiment how amazing it can be.

Your feet and toes have to touch down but not during the first few times. They do so with time as you practice more. It takes patience and time. Go on your fours kneeling then get from your knees, face down, and lift your upper body and butt up. Practice the pose without having to go down on your knees first until you perfect it.

          High Lunge Pose with Bent Back Leg – The original pose.

We are working for the ultimate butt. The firm, bubbly, rounded booty. Why not introduce a curve with a pose that bends the back leg? This pose is a glute activating pose. With the addition of the small bend, we introduce an intensified fire in your glute muscles. On this pose, we work on achieving a curve on your butt and the back leg as well. The pelvic floor, pubic bone, and the sternum are lifted bringing the pelvis inside towards a more natural alignment with the booty under the shoulders.

High lunge pose with the bent back leg has your hips squeezing and squaring the inner thigh energy which makes this the ultimate booty workout for a firm and bubble butt.

         The Fire Hydrant Pose – The classic pose

Ever seen a dog peeing on a fire hydrant? This pose might sound weird or seem weird while doing it but the results are amazing. To make it better, you don’t get to work out your butt only. Your entire body from the hand, legs and the upper body benefit from the pose. If you want a rounder, curvaceous bubble butt, this is an ultimate pose.

Start by going on all fours (knees and hands). Start with lifting your left leg up without lifting the upper body or the hands. On this pose, you can also go for donkey kicks to make it even more intense. It helps you work on your butt, legs and tummy as well. The pose strengthens the glutes, hamstrings, butt, and the stomach. With this one, you don’t have to stay in weird angles next time you take that belfie.

          Warrior 3 pose – the victory pose

If you are a beginner in yoga, there are variations of this pose you can start with then practice until you perfect it. It will really work your gluteal muscle. It takes time and patience with your body to perfect this pose. Of all the poses, the warrior 3 requires you to do the most to help you maintain proper form and a well rounded butt. In this position, the overall strength of your body and spine is put to test. Most women shy away from this challenge but perfecting it is not the case. The aim is to work on your booty and that means from the waist down.

With the warrior 3 pose, you stand straight then bend over from your waist. While bending, stretch both your arms and lift one leg. Do it with both your legs a few minutes each and you will feel your gluteus maximus getting stretched.

Taking the Best Booty Selfie #belfie Photos

This is a personal photo that captures your bum or if you have an hourglass shape, the entire body. Depending on what you are going for, you can rock a thong for the belfie to show off your thighs or go for a sexy selfie without showing off your sexy thighs.  Nude photos between couples are very common and fun!  Anyone say mirror selfie!

If you are indulging in this professionally, you will need professional lighting kits and a personal butt photographer. However, to go professional with your butt, you must have the perfect butt. If you are doing it for fun, a compact cell phone, selfie stick, or a phone camera tripod will do. A full length mirror brings out that bubble ass nicely for the belfie.

Booty Pop!

With the mirror in a room with ample lighting, it’s time to perfect your angles. For the perfect butt selfie, have your butt face the mirror. How else are you going to show the results for all the butt poses and weight lifting you have done? Take your inexpensive phone and take the photo of your butt from the mirror.  Now flex that gluteus medius!  Make that booty pop!!

Your Sexy Thang!

If you have a flat belly and a curvaceous butt cheek, you can have your friend take the selfie for you. This way, you can pose showing off your chest, thighs, booty, and flat tummy all in one fabulous package. This pose on your hair day with your heels comes out perfectly. Practice the above butt poses for a firm bubble booty and take belfies that kill. Be patient and brave then take one step at a time. No pose is perfect but if you know your angles, your booty shows up when you call and has you lighting up your Instagram followers phones.

Now that you know some of the advanced poses and exercises.  Time to shake a tail-feather and show off your sexy thang!

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