The Perks Of Wearing Buttless Chaps.

The Perks Of Wearing Buttless Chaps

You might have heard of the band, but did you ever try wearing the trousers?

This style of leather chaps are certainly not for the faint hearted, so it’s possible you have not…

Sometimes, however, we can be a little too afraid to cause a scene and to become the star we were always meant to be; thus we forget about all that provocative leather gear out there and never change track to the more wild, naughty side we all have inside of us.

So here’s a few quick reminders of why buttless chaps might change your life forever:

1) The leather market is full of all kinds of sexy and strange leather items for you to try; thousands of leather types, clothing options, and other funky toys, etc. Knee-high leather boots are especially popular largely due to the American country music scene. Trying some out might even remind you of those great simply country songs we all know and love.

2) Butt-less chaps are especially brave and so it’s only a matter of time before other parts of you also rise to the surface. Traditional country music was always about ‘finding yourself’ and butt-less chaps can help you to do exactly that. Leather gear is all about confidence after all, and so it’s a powerful way to unveil the hidden qualities inside of yourself.

3) Everybody loves to become their idols. We all have a favourite album, rock or country music band that we aspire to replicate. Dressing differently, and more outrageously, is a major component of transformation and of following your favourite star. The leather convention is just one approach but it’s a strong one and doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon. So try a pair of chaps and see where your life journey takes you…

Still not convinced? Then maybe they’re simply not for you. I suspect there is something hidden deep beneath the surface that was stirred, however. Give it some time and see if there is something in these weird and wonderful items that tickles your fancy…

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