Things To Consider When Buying Chaps Pants.

Things To Consider When Buying Chaps Pants

These days the word ‘chaps’ doesn’t mean very much. Chaps pants are a wonderful world of different looks, materials, designs and fabrics. They range from chainsaw chaps and motorcycle chaps to all other kinds of jeans and leather chaps.

Chaps can be for motorcycle riders or simply as a more ‘ordinary’ type of pants for everyday occasions.

So what kind of chaps do you require if at all? And what should one consider before buying?

Pants Versus Chaps

Chaps, generally speaking, use protective material and are designed for the person’s safety and to avoid injuries. Motorcycle safety clothing and chainsaw safety clothing are two of the usual reasons for chaps being made. This means that while you’ll get maximum protection from the elements (and other potential dangers), the air circulation might be less than lighter types of pants or shorts.

While you can choose your own style of chaps, they are protective pants by nature so bare that in mind before buying. Denim jeans, fabric trousers or pleated shorts might simply be all you need if you live a pretty straight-forward city life without the need to be so safety conscious with protective fabric all the time.

Variety Of Choice

There are a whole range of full-length chaps on the market, from shotgun-style chaps and horse shotgun chaps to ranch chaps and spanish hunting chaps (to name a few). These can be for occupational reasons of course, but also for style! Check out the Colombian riders, cruiser-style motorcycle riders and other avid riders out there for the full selection of decorative leather designs!

This is not to mention the variety of shorts and half-length chaps on the market also, with highly flexible materials usually.

So shop around and embrace the number of options available, bearing in mind your required leg protection and design features before buying. The price often depends on whether they use synthetic materials or leather-like material etc, so take this into consideration also.


The versatility of chaps should be remembered if still doubting your purchase. The protective fabric on most chaps needn’t be overly heavy or hot for the body, plus they should allow for a complete range of motion also. The differences in design may be all that’s necessary to consider as the pants versus chaps debate is a pretty no-brainer in my opinion. After all, what other kind of trousers allows you protection from cuts, all-around protection from the weather, flexible material as well as a killer shotgun design or batwing design to choose from?!

The earliest designs of chaps were rudimentary and used heavy material for a high price, but these days you can be totally safety conscious as well as enjoy lighter fabrics and a complete range of movement in the body when wearing them.

I hope that helped all you rodeo riders out there to choose your protective pants for the right price or, equally, to stick to your favorite pairs of shorts if not. Good luck shopping and finding your ideal style of chaps!

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