Cowboy Assless Chaps.

Cowboy Assless Chaps

It might shock you that leather chaps are something new to so many people. However, things like the assless chap and rodeo chaps are as common as the cowboy hats and the fringed belt to the American cowboys. It’s not a wonder to see someone today wearing black leather assless chaps either as fashion or for functionality. Before we dig deeper, what are chaps, and where did they come from? And what is the meaning of chaps?

Cowboy Chaps

Chaps is a short form of the word chaparreras, a Spanish word meaning a kind of leather leg protector used by American and Mexican cowboys. As time passed, varieties of the chaps came out, including batwing chaps, chinks, shotgun chaps, and adaptations for chainsaw workers and motorcycle riders. Thanks to fashion, we can see adaptations of the rodeo chaps like the Etsy genuine leather chaps today. Originally, chaps were worn over trousers and didn’t have a crotchet or seat. Primarily, the American chap was used for protection when doing outdoor tasks, the most famous being horseback riding. The adaptations of black leather chaps and their integration into fashion and the LGBTQ community saw the availability of chaps everywhere, especially in the US rise.

Assless Chaps Costumes

Favorites assless chaps such as leather or favorites rave chaps gained a lot more popularity with different crowds.

Chaps were embraced by the BDSM and LGBTQ community back in the 1970s. To them, the bum-baring chaps they wore to deliver a statement. That one can be different and queer and not get discriminated against. Provocative dressing like wearing redesigned rodeo chaps or the ass-less chaps is a form of expression and identity. The BDSM community, well known for leather fetishes, brought in other adaptations of the rodeo chaps. From this time, butt-baring chaps, assful chaps, clubbing leather daddy chaps, crotchless, bum-baring chaps, and others were designed.

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Even with such chaps adaptations, the cowboy culture remains. Unlike their work chaps such as the chainsaw chaps, the above carried an entirely new meaning and usefulness. Today, the style of chaps an individual chooses to wear is their meaning of chaps. Even the most adventurous cowboys today wear the bareback chaps with no jeans, not for protection or work but to make a statement.

In the cowboy culture, the functionality of chaps doesn’t really change depending on the style of chaps. The functionality won’t change whether you go for full-length, gaiters-style half chaps or the average cowboy bottoms chap. The fashion industry might have impacted chaps, but it remains part of the American cowboy uniform for the brown cowboy and the black cowboys. It is an essential garment for cowboys, just like the cowboy boot.

Not Just For Halloween

The use of chaps as a fashion choice also led to the adaption of the chaps in the motorcycle riding scene. Today, we see chaps as part of the bike riding scene with amazing styles, but these are also meant for protection, just like the average cowboy chaps. These are mostly designed for women in the biking scene but there are options for men as well.

Chaps are not just for the stars.

Motorcyclists and equestrians use chaps practically while most of the assless chap designs are connected to the LGBT community either to make a statement or as an article worn for fun and provocation. Remember, all these are custom chaps made not for the normal functionality like the cowboys chaps. Full-length chaps such as the drinking chaps or the lacy chaps are worn as fun attires. Cowboys wear horse shoeing chaps, horse shotgun chaps, gaiters -style half chaps for the adventurous ones or half-length chaps which offer protection. The most cumbersome design of chaps worn by cowboys might be the batwing design or other decorative leather designs. The differences in design and design features determines the efficacy of these chaps. One thing however remains especially in the cowboy subpopulation. The earliest design still exists and offers protection to date.

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