5 Sexy Yoga Poses To Try In The Bedroom

5 Sexy Yoga Poses To Try In The Bedroom

Who doesn’t love sex?! Raise your hands…

Thought so.

We all enjoy it. We all talk about it. We all fantasise over it.

And yet we all have those days, weeks, months, I dare say even years, when it all feels a bit predictable, planned or uninteresting.

The body is numb, the feet are sore, our shoulders are tense. Stress has taken over our daily life and the heart is just not open for love making with our partner.

Trust me, I’ve been there, way too many times!

So how to conquer sexual boredom and spiritual fatigue, and find connection once more with one’s body? Are there indeed simple and accessible postures to rejuvenate one’s sex life, improve the orgasm experience and obtain more energy also in the meantime?

Absolutely there is! And here are the 5 best ones to get you started:

1) The Puppy Dog Stretch

Start on your hands and knees in a ‘table top’ position’ then let your arms stretch out forwards in front of you against the ground. The knees stay grounded and both the bum and neck arc up towards the sky, making a beautiful curve in the spine. Remember to breathe as you do this and keep stretching your arms further forwards gradually if you can, for a deeper stretch…

Other than creating a stimulating experience for the g-spot, and allowing effective access for the man to enter, there are various other benefits also. It stretches the upper body, opens up the shoulder blades, lengthens the belly muscles and strengthens the core also, all in one movement.

As is the case with many yoga moves, the longer you explore this dynamic stretch the greater the benefits are.

2) The Happy Baby

This one’s even more simple. Lie on your back and bring your feet up into the air, towards your head. Grab the back part of the sole of each foot with the corresponding hand (left foot, left hand etc) and hold it there. The knees should be bent at 90 degrees, with the soles facing up towards the sky. Now keep the back flat against the floor to protect the spine and gently move the knees further down into the ground, past either side of the torso. The stretch should be felt in the psoas muscles that connect the legs to the pelvis.

These hip flexors (‘psoas muscles’) are largely responsible for the sexual vitality of a person, and for the opening up of the sacral chakra also in the region of the sexual organs. This is not a tough yoga pose and yet it has remarkable effects both during a yoga class as well as in sexual intercourse.

3) Half Dog At The Wall

This is really as simple as it gets! Lean your body weight against a wall with palms flat against it. Make your upper body a straight line from the hips to the wall; making a 90 degree angle between the legs and torso. Keep breathing and allow the back to flatten and straighten even more over time.

It’s rare that a yoga teacher gives the respect that such poses deserve within the yoga practice, and yet sometimes it really is ‘the simpler the better’. The benefits of yoga, and especially these sexy yoga poses, comes mostly from the awareness and patience given to each posture. This starting position for sex is no different and, if taking one’s time, can allow for an incredible exchange of sexual energy.

With the feet flat against the floor and the palms touching the wall, a strong sexual connection is created to fill the secure physical space in between. Naturally, the core muscles thoroughly enjoy this, just as your partner will also.

4) Reclined Big Toe

I told you all this would be easy and accessible didn’t I? Simply lie down onto your back, lift your right foot into the air and grab your right big toe with your right hand. Lift it further up into the air, as high as you can, and hold it there. After some time, repeat the same process but on the left side of the body.

Enabling your leg to reach over your partner’s shoulder during sex, for example, can contribute to a much deeper penetration, and this sexy yoga pose goes a long way in training your body to do exactly that!

The sex benefits of achieving more flexibility in the legs and hip flexors, not to mention relieving unneeded stress, cannot be overemphasised! There is a foundational core within the physical and emotional body that must be trained and developed in order for the life-force energy of each and every human to be realised. Tantric energy practices such as the ‘reclined big toe’ posture (especially when deep breaths are synchronised slowly over time with the movement) can revitalise the entire body as well as one’s sexual energy.

5) Downward Facing Dog

Last but not least, the most famous of all sexy yoga poses! Keep the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands against the floor, straighten the legs, pushing the bum up into the air. Keep lengthening the arms and back slowly, pushing the feet down into the floor also, while synchronising each extra stretch with the ingoing-outgoing breaths. 

This one is incredible for stimulating a healthy blood flow throughout the body, training the kegel muscles as well as the core. It’s one of the most classic yoga poses and for good reason!

Every yoga student confesses to the importance of this one posture, not only for an effective body workout but also for an instant energy boost and deep stretch that reduces their levels of stress.

Of course, this is also a G-spot-stimulating stretch and therefore a powerful tool in the bedroom, as well as in preparation for sex.

These sexy yoga poses are more than enough to get you started! Just remember to take your time, breathe and don’t be afraid to involve your partner. The benefits, as I hope to have shown, are endless!

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