How To Make An Oh So Sexy Video!

How To Make An Oh So Sexy Video! There’s a lot of sexy stuff out there! We all have our favourite sexy music video after all and the odd sexy film clip we like to watch over and over again. Most of us guys, I’m happy to confess, even have a favourite adult film star!

But there is a reason that the hottest film clips so often make the cut, and why men and women worldwide boast about that same damn film clip over and over again. The music industry does it wonderfully, just like the porn industry also. They know what most of us like and don’t like, and they adapt perfectly as society changes over the years also.

So what might that magic formula actually look like? Could it really be true that the sexiest music videos have the same few things in common?

Well, here’s 3 core principles of that perfect sexy recipe, for all you film makers out there, professional or otherwise:

1) Remember the art of mystery!

That’s right… the horniest video clips on the market know exactly what NOT to reveal as well as what to show! See for yourself: the sexiest music videos of all time leave you wanting that little bit more, do they not? It’s the same with adult entertainment also – the climax is left to the imagination, or the face of the protagonist is a secret, or the lady still has half of her clothes on etc etc.

Leave something to the imagination and your audience will grow more and more hungry as time goes on. That’s the nature of human beings, of desire and of sexuality after all.

2) Keep it relevant…and oh so sexy!

Understanding what is realistic and applicable to the average person is hugely important. After all, inappropriate video content will not only be unpopular but is likely to not get posted online (or on television) at all! Inappropriate music videos, admittedly, have sometimes caused a stir and grown famous because of their controversy (think Miley Cyrus’ ‘wrecking ball’ for instance when it first came out). But generally speaking, it’ll do you more harm than good and is no way to build up a respectable and quality reputation with adult viewers.

Provocative music videos have the perfect blend of lust and fantasy as well as down to earth realism. Relationships and sex is very human and ordinary, at it’s core, after all. So keep your sexy film clip realistic and relatable for viewers as much as possible.

3) Make it sweet as well as sexy…

Whether you’re creating a sexy music video or trying to make the horniest video clip ever produced, this emotional principle still applies. There is a lot of authenticity inherent in even the wildest sex scenes, and the human touch goes a long way in all the sexiest music videos as well as a hot and charming film clip.

So think: eye contact, intimate props, acts of kindness and service, mutual exchanges throughout and verbal compliments, etc. The best and most sexy film clip ideas are both unbelievably erotic AND romantic in the sweetest sense of the word. So don’t forget the heart when it comes to making your hottest music video or adult film clip!

Three simple ingredients for you. Keep it mysterious, keep it relevant, and keep it heartfelt. You’ll be making oh so sexy videos in no time!

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