The Power Of Yoga AY

The Power Of Yoga AY

Akshar Yoga (AY), or ‘Aerial Yoga’, is a remarkable thing!

For anyone with a regular monotonous schedule of exercise looking to study a new movement form to freshen up their week, AY is the perfect novel experience to get you going!

Yes, it’s a yoga practice. And yes, it’s a style of yoga that uses a certain sequence of moves and breathing exercises, much like any other. But as we’ll discover, there’s much more to the world of AY than other forms of training… and they are powerful to say the least!

Variety of Moves!

The range of yoga postures in AY is truly astounding. From intense movements resembling power yoga to more light and accessible yoga moves, AY offers anything and everything for beginners and experts alike. Many people find it a highly enjoyable exercise form for this reason alone… that within several days of yoga (AY) you can already feel the vast potential of what’s possible once one’s core strength develops enough to tackle a more advanced sequence of postures.

It is anatomical training as well as strength training, filled with flow sequences and quiet space also to balance the gentle movements with more dynamic movements.

Health Benefits

AY is a tried and tested intervention in people with addictions, illnesses and other severe health problems. It is a perfect recovery method, proven to reduce chronic pain in the connective tissues of the body as well as stress levels over time. Like many of the benefits of yoga, restorative yoga poses (as in AY) are as much exercise therapy as anything else.

Of course, the outcomes in people vary and so there are several 7-day free trial periods online for those hesitant to begin with. Within a week this pilot trial will likely show at least some of the benefits described above, plus more, as most people are testament to.

Social Activity

Aerial yoga is a community for people, just as it is a powerful training for adults. Every school, as well as it’s yoga instructors, will be filled with inspired and curious others just like yourself. Embracing the schedule of AY means to enjoy sharing your self with the daily lives of interesting others. As well as the countless social invitations that are commonplace after an AY session, there are incredible festivals and events related to the practice, all over the world!

Your AY yoga program is merely the hub, or the starting point, of all things AY; for once off the yoga mat, the space often becomes a dynamic and exciting playground for other healthy, active and social meets!

So check out an AY session at one of your local yoga studios today, or even try an online class if necessary. Meeting the yoga instructor in person often goes a long way, however; as does look out for upcoming events and special workshops in your area.

The more physical exposure the better…

Good luck exploring the magical world of AY, and we hope that you’ll be flying high (and healthy) in no time!

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