How To Get A Yoga Booty.

How To Get A Yoga Booty

Women, if you’re reading, let me read your mind for a moment…

You exercise, try to eat healthy and practice yoga or meditation for many reasons. Sure, you want to feel content and at peace with yourself; sure you want to live a long and vibrant life; but you also want a sexy body right?!

It’s natural… the curves of a woman, in evolutionary terms, imply a strong ability to carry and care for a child. Men are attracted to such women, naturally, for most of us wish to have a healthy, happy family after all.

As for the rest: well, I guess women and men alike also enjoy looking at curved objects, as well as having a body that’s strong and functions well in daily life.

So if we all want that trademark yoga booty, then how might we go about making sure we get it?

Home Workouts´╗┐

The glutes make up the buttocks and so, by training them with simple movements at home, they becomes stronger, larger (and sexier) gradually over time.

The lunge is the most common movement for strengthening the gluteal muscles and hamstrings; just remember to keep the knees in line with the toes, and no further forwards when lunging forwards, leaning over or walking up and down the stairs. Injuries to the knees are, after all, the most common barrier to building strong, sexy leg and bum muscles.


Several yoga poses, such as the bridge pose and the warrior pose, for example, can take you closer to that yoga booty; just as using an exercise ball or other home workout methods can also.

It’s recommended to find an experienced yoga teacher or accredited yoga school, if possible, in order to help the rest of your body stay healthy and in flow throughout your training. The gluteus muscles will quickly benefit from all types of yoga due to the vast range of physical yoga postures and yoga studios out there, so one needn’t be too picky when choosing.

Of course, you can always ask for some personal yoga booty exercises to be emphasised in the class alongside the more classic yoga poses. Part of the practice of yoga is, after all, tailoring the practice to your own personal needs.


Whether it’s tribal dance (often based on grounding the body through the bum and legs), primal movement or some other mix of dance forms, this period of time spent dancing will tone and develop your yoga booty beautifully.

Anything involving elbow to knee movements, directions of jump or other similar body postures performed continuously to music, will directly train those deep core muscles, as well as the booty; allowing you to workout better and for longer as time goes on also.

The butt muscles are crucial to every human beings’ level of strength, health and fitness. So don’t be ashamed of wanting that trademark yoga booty. Women and men around the world strive for it, and for good reason!

So work hard but also SMART with your workouts. Your body (and booty) will thank you for it later….

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