Not A Yoga Sex Video But Close… A Cheeky Little Video.

The many requests…

So a little while ago, we decided to shoot a short, quick and sexy video that show cases our Cherry ChiChi crotchless yoga pants, without it turning into some sort of yoga sex video.  We have had many requests to make a yoga sex video showing our Cherry ChiChi crotchless yoga pants in all their glory, but this is just not our style.  Stay classy folks…

We wanted this video to be a full expose of what the Cherry ChiChi crotchless yoga pants looked like while being worn.

The whole video shoot ended up being a lot of fun!

What we did.

As we were going to be uploading the final video onto YouTube, one of the problems we faced was how to make it YouTube friendly without losing the cheeky, fun and sexy vibe that Cherry ChiChi is synonymous with.

On one hand we didn’t want the video shoot to turn into some sort of yoga sex video or some sort of yoga xxx video, but we still wanted to show case the features that make our crotchless leggings so unique.

Our location for the shoot was a wonderful little cottage that was chosen as the natural lighting was perfect.

Our wonderful photographer/videographer actually scouted the location a week before we pulled the trigger.

The finer points.

We all had a chat about how risqué we wanted the shoot to be.  We all came to the consensus that even though these are Cherry ChiChi crotchless yoga pants, we felt that a little bit of modesty would go a long way.  So a pair of pink panties would be worn under the crotchless leggings.

So with hair and makeup completed our gorgeous model was more than ready to get the whole show rolling.

We had atmospheric music playing in the back ground and the sunlight streaming through the windows made everything so special.

Our videographer worked her magic with our model striking pre-planned poses and adlibbing a few of her own.

The whole process ened up taking less than an hour.  Time flies when you’re having fun!

Lots of laughter and some serious and not so serious posing made this video shoot such a memorable and fun experience.

Fun and editing.

The video was then edited, with a catchy sound track added, before being finally uploaded to YouTube.

Overall we are really happy with the final edited version of this video.  We know a lot of you wanted something a little more explicit, but we will have to leave that up to you, to shoot your own yoga porn.

For now, we are happy with our YouTube friendly fun and friendly soft core Cherry ChiChi  yoga porn.

We think you will be as well…..

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