Bubble Butt Yoga Exercises.

Why Yoga Isn’t Building Your Bubble Butt.

You Don’t Need A Butt Lift To Get That Bubble Butt!

Getting that rounder bubble butt is very achievable. And NO!  you don’t need a women butt lift to achieve that sexy butt!  Sure strong compression yoga pants with a flattering pattern can help to lift, shape, and contour our waist and booty to some extent.  But let’s not rely on some random product or items to do the “heavy lifting” for us.  NO matter how convincing the product description content is…

You Don’t Need Compression Pants To Achieve That Little Waist and Perky Bubble Butt.

The perfect bubble butt yoga pants for women haven’t been invented yet, unfortunately!, although we have all scoured Amazon looking for the magical pair of 5/5 star rated lifting leggings that will magically cure our woes!  We have all tried a few different pairs of butt-enhancing leggings at some stage or another.

There is only so much pants and materials that can help with butt size and butt contour.

Sometimes it can be difficult, but you really have to work hard to achieve the body and derriere you desire. Sweating it out during your yoga classes has nothing related to getting a nice firm butt, nor does making hundreds of squats and lunges. You need to know that doing your yoga workout the right way is what will give us a nice butt.  

Your Sexy Butt Will Come – After A Little Hard Work!

If you have been doing butt workouts and poses but your butt still ain’t looking like that of Jennifer Lopez, don’t give up. Here are a few good explanations why your booty routine might not be bearing fruits and how to go about it.

Remember different body shapes respond to different lifting techniques and different body type exercises.

You’re not doing the exercise right –  The Type Of Workout Matters 

As I said, if you are not doing your yoga poses properly, you are not doing enough. When it comes to working for a toned booty, your workout method is everything— and if that goes out of line, so does your drudgery. Sometimes you may think you are engaging your glutes, but you are actually not doing so. For instance, if you check out the correct way of doing yoga poses such as the bridge pose, you will be surprised at how many times you have done it improperly.  To make sure everything is on point, make sure you focus on your body alignment first, and then everything else will follow.

You’re not lifting enough – What’s Your Go-To Butt Workout?

It’s time you go beyond your comfort zone. The more you do, the better. If you really want to carve your glute muscles into a peach-like shape, sticking to your average yoga poses, squats, and lunges won’t do that. Why don’t you include those intense workouts such as lifting heavy weights in your routine?

After hearing this, I know what comes to your mind—they will probably make you get bigger. Glutes are large muscles, and thus you need to challenge them to the point of fatigue.  Do as many moves and poses as you can, and with time you will find it the most flexible and enjoyable workout you’ve wished for.   

You’re focusing on a single Body exercise 

Just like how you can’t keep on having the same meal for dinner every day, it is not good to do the same workout and poses day in day out. It will not only get boring, but it may make you feel unmotivated. To get a nice round bubble butt, you have to challenge it from all sides— which won’t happen if you keep on doing the same move every day. Make sure you involve multiple exercises that engage the glutes and glute medius as they will obviously help. Your routine should involve all types of yoga poses such as the bridge pose, chair pose, warrior III, downward-facing dog pose, and triangle pose among others.  You can never achieve maximum muscle growth by only doing squats.

Work smarter not Harder!

Stop wasting time by doing exercises the wrong way. You can also make further consultations with your fitness specialists to help you achieve your body goals even faster, just a quick google search and a phone call or email will have you skipping happily on the road to the perfect booty in no time.

Work smarter not Harder!

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