How to say Butt in Spanish.

Spanish is one of the most polite languages, and some people even call it the most romantic language. Remember, we aren’t talking about a cigarette butt here, the butt of bread or, a head butt. We are talking about the word booty in Spanish.  How to say butt in Spanish.  Learn a few of these key phrases and words and you’ll be sounding like a Spanish native language speaker in no time! 

You don’t have to learn the Spanish language in all its entirety, just learn a few key words and go from there.

Spanish Language.

Learning a foreign language can be hard but if you start off with a few fun words you’ll quickly learn the basics fast.  Learning the correct translation happens a lot faster when you’re having fun!  You don’t have to learn totally explicit phrases but keeping things a little fun and sexy makes the world of difference with language retention.

Spanish has its own grammar rules that bilingual speakers and Carribean speakers might have a few subtle differences but overall the general meaning will be the same. For the language learners, the English language interferes with their learning, and some end up getting an accent. That is why the grammatical terms of the Spanish language sound different in Central America, North America, and South America. Some have colorful terms while others are altered by machine translations and the English translation of different terms.

You Have A Cute Butt – Linda Trasero

Being a 2nd language to most people especially in America and Europe, not so many have mastered the language skills, phrases, grammar explanations, and usage. One thing you should ask before you get the right word for butt in Spanish is, what context are you using it? Spanish speakers are sensitive and polite. This is why there is an extra meaning for butt in different Spanish contexts. The romance languages grammar elements especially for some of these words is different. Some Spanish translations might mislead you but below are some real-world usage examples to give you a learning experience.

How Do You Say Butt in Spanish?

Below are some of the most common words for butt, but don’t use all. People from the country Spain and Spanish language enthusiasts recommend using these only in their correct context.  Start with the most common phrase for booty in your own language and find the Spanish translation.

Spanish Translation For The Word Butt:

El Culo – this means Ass, or butt cheeks to be blunt. If you’re a doctor, don’t ever use this word, especially with your patients. 

Culo – this is a bit offensive and mostly said in a colloquial manner or context. If you listen to Latino songs or a Latino series without subtitles, you will hear the words a few times.

Poto – this is the word to use if you want to say butt childishly or playfully. Some Latino songs use the word but it’s mostly used in real life conversations.

Nalgas – you don’t use this just anywhere. It’s used to refer to the buttocks.

Cola – this is a shy and sexy way of referring to the entire butt. Its used in 18+ rated series without subtitles or when teaching the Latin grammar concept.

Trasero – buttocks, but said in a slightly fun and sexy way.

Muslos Y Nalgas – the term refers to the thighs and buttocks. It can be used by partners or spouses.

Pompas – this can be used in a professional context. To be specific, it refers to the whole butt but has more emphasis on the behind or the buttocks.

Gluteos – This is more of a medical term for the behind as it focuses more on the muscles that form the butt.

Raja – this shouldn’t be used casually. It is a very offensive way of saying butt in Spanish as it focuses more on the butt crack in Spanish.

El pompis – when talking to a child or children, this is a very fine way to refer to the butt. It might sound a little silly when you say it to adults, but it is safe to refer to the butt with the kids.

Trasero Sexy – sexy butt/cute butt

Different dialects of the Spanish language exist; that’s why it might sound a bit silly to refer to the butt as nalga y muslo to a native speaker or in Latin America while it sounds fine to the American Spanish speaker. Correct grammar exists in Spanish but the list of translations differs the same as in English grammar.

So there you have it, more than a few ways for how to say butt in Spanish. 

And remember, practice makes perfect!

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