Leather Buttless Chaps

Leather Buttless Chaps

Wearing buttless chaps, especially before they hit the fashion scene, was reserved for cowboys. Even today, where we see variations of the chaps, the functionality of chaps in the cowboy culture remains.

However, cowboys never used to wear a pair of chaps with no jeans. Since they were used for outdoor activities, wearing plastic chaps as well wasn’t applicable for cowboys. Can you imagine horseback riding with a pair of buttless chaps with no jeans? Remember, the chap hybrid design doesn’t even have a crotch. As a man or woman, no assless chaps would suffice to work with.

A Sexy Leather Vice

Genuine leather chaps are becoming more popular. Today, celebrities adorning chaps has led to an amazing increase in wearing chaps. One of the most recent was when Kim Kardashian wore leather assless chaps in quarantine. The reality TV star wore these chaps when self-isolating with her family in her Los Angeles home. While some people thought she had a really nice quarantine uniform, others were outraged, asking how she could wear such and upload snaps online. But this is Kim we’re talking about.

Not Your Regular Leather Pants

Wearing assless chaps in the fashion scene isn’t reserved for celebrities only. However, they use this type of clothing to drive song views and for fame too. British Columbia saw its share of chaps, especially among performing celebrities. In 2018, Jennifer Lopez flashed her booty in assless chaps and a bikini during a performance. Even the community radio charts had her songs on top, including CBC radio 3 sessions heavily played her songs.

Leather Accessories

In LA, Demi Lovato brought back the cowboy culture with blue denim chaps during her Jingle Ball performance. Most of the artists who wear chaps, especially in public and when performing, do this for the sake of songs, that’s for sure. One article in the Daily Star once noted that no artist sells worldwide and becomes successful without some form of sexual controversy. It doesn’t matter how bad their album songs are, but sales are bound to skyrocket if they do with a little sexual controversy. Come to think of this; it’s what brought Kim Kardashian into the limelight. She was a little famous, but her fame bubble grew even bigger when her sex tape came out. Iggy Azalea is another celebrity bold enough to wear chaps into the public, and it always works to her advantage.

The entry of the assless chaps into the fashion industry eliminated their efficacy. These were never meant to be bare pants worn with nothing underneath and in public. They were initially designed for protection when doing outdoor activities and worn on top of pants. Today, these are canvas or leather leg covers but not worn for covering or protecting the legs. These are worn in the fashion scene to make a statement. In the LGBTQ community, gay rights activists use these to send a message.

Celebrities wear chaps for provocation. They mostly wear these to add something like a sense of completeness to their albums.  Sometimes it works; sometimes it flops. One thing we can’t deny is the functionality of chaps is now broader than ever.

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