The Naked Yoga Class Experience.

The Naked Yoga Class Experience

One of the best experiences one can have in their life is attending a naked yoga class. On this one, a yoga mat is the closest thing to clothing you have. It is difficult for people who engage in yoga to picture a naked person stretching and bending for some poses. It is hard enough with something like a sports bra, and now you are doing yoga naked? It is confusing but am here to demystify it for you.

Anyone who’s gone through this experience, the truth is, it is never like one expects. It is significantly different if one is used to the normal yoga class. If you plan to go for a bold & naked yoga session, talk to the naked yoga instructor first. Get to understand the benefits of the class and what to expect in the class. The first time attending a nude yoga class for research purposes was an eye-opener for me. Below are some things I learned from the class.

Getting Undressed Is The Hardest

Of all things, you get to do in the class, getting undressed is the toughest. Enthusiasts talk about the yoga practice as one that seeks a deeper connection with self. They never speak of the quick glances one takes as a beginner before you know when to undress. The initial shock before you get undressed and acquainted with the class is immense.

Before getting to the actual studio on the third floor, my heart was pounding like a gong. I am not a fan of public nudity, and I was sure this would take a toll on me. Talking to the instructor first helped me get rid of my anxiety a bit, but getting undressed was tough. I wondered whether they have a locker room where to get undressed or just move along with it in the studio. Finally, other people joined in and started stripping before I frantically joined them. At least that was over in a short time, but it was such an experience compared to a regular yoga session.

Encourages Positive Body Image and Honors the Body

Unlike any other fitness class, you get to realize that practicing yoga naked helps you build a positive body image. It also goes a long way in helping you honor your body. As a nude yoga girl who engages in regular individual yoga practice, this was the best result of the all-nude yoga and Pilates class. It helps you develop an entirely new way to look at your body. It inspires one to take pleasure and pride in their unique physique and capabilities. It might be the first time you get to see a bent-over person so free, but concentrating on your own body and soul is paramount in this class. No naked yoga class attendee seemed perturbed by the other bent over person practicing the same. With such a yoga pose combined with many others, you can open your heart to yourself and the world with confidence and courage. Body positivity is a fantastic way to embrace your imperfections well exposed in your naked body.

Strengthens the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

There are plenty of reasons why one should seek the mind-body-spirit connection. As a naked yoga class attendee, you get to experience this first hand. In your yoga pants, you can connect with your soul well. However, when you strip, you let go of the baggage and anything that might hold you back. Showing your naked “real estate” isn’t much of a concern compared to the bond you build in your body.

With no yoga pants, you get to feel every inch of your body as it stretches and moves from one pose to the other. This results in a sensual, more mindful, and connected practice. If you have any anxiety about nudity or anxiety disorders, this class is right for you.

No Need For A Perfect Body At A Nude Yoga Class

As a nude yoga girl, the first time searching for naked yoga studios where I could attend made me apprehensive. Not until the session ended when I realized you don’t need a perfect nude yoga girl’s body to participate in the class. Though the class didn’t have many people, the quick glances taught me a lot. There were short, tall, skinny, muscular, and many other body types in the studio. However, everyone seemed unaware of their nudity, no matter their shape. The mind, body, and soul connection was well visible in this class. 

One of my friends asked what it felt like to attend the class, and I encouraged her to attend once. She has been a regular since then, and the benefits are obvious with her. She had an accident and underwent surgery, and she felt disconnected from herself emotionally and physically throughout the recovery process. After becoming a nude yoga girl, her balance was off at first, and her limbs would even shake. However, after a few sessions, she became acquainted with the practice, and her connection started getting stronger.

Are you considering joining an all nude yoga class? It might be the best decision you will ever make. It is incredible for people who aren’t so confident of their bodies and for us who lack the proper mind-body-soul connection. The studio is one place to release all the stress and anxiety and become aligned with your spirit.

One session might not clear all your insecurities. Still, the practice of nude yoga is a tool to help one unlearn harmful and disturbing body messages and become more aware of the more positive and helpful ones. It is not a magic trick but a practice that goes a long way in helping you overcome body challenges. Talk to a yoga instructor if you have any concerns with practicing yoga with no article of clothing. Get to understand the practice and why it is paramount that you practice naked. Only then can you real all the fantastic benefits of nude yoga.

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