News about Kylie Jenner Bum.

kylie jenner butt

Kylie Jenner is one reality star who’s so relentless with showing her body. and everyonw was obsedd with gett a Kylie Jenner bum.

Before she became a star, the likes of Kim Kardashian dominated with amazing bodies. One of the biggest asset Kim Kardashian had is a beautifully sculpted butt.

When Kris Jenner introduced Kylie to the ‘fame” world, she disrupted the scene. She came out with such a butt that even the Kardashians couldn’t believe.


Rumors of her having butt implants and a recent boob job emerged on the internet. Some people even went far to say her breast implants complimented the plastic surgery she had.

Dont Let The Truth Get In The Way Of News.

Truth be told, even before she came out in the news, saying the Kardashians were part of her family, she still had a huge following. Kim Kardashian was the most supportive of her half-sister and she played a huge role to make her famous. They were sure to post daily about theri sokid sibling friendship online.It was as if nothing could undo their bond.


It was the view of the entirl social media world tht they were inse[rable. You just have to go through their instagram posts to see jsut how much they valued heir friendship. People chose to follow Kylie based on how open and transpaent she was with everything. Anything new that happended in her life was publicly shared and most of the time it was shared live, streamed to the masses in real time.

People would search for the latest news an dpossoble scandale in th possible hope of reading about some thing new.


The power of social media well utilized by Kim made Kylie famous and she ended up getting past her in fame and fortune. Kylie is a self-made billionaire though so many people disagree.

Her family is famous and she comes out of money. Why would she be called a self-made billionaire? The only effort she put according to some people is butt augmentation. It’s what made her famous in the first place right?

However, Kylie is a self-made billionaire through her cosmetics company. She owns all of it and she built the company from the ground up.

When she partnered with Ulta, her revenue rose and she made billionaire status at such a young age. She even made it younger than Zuckerberg who made the feat at the age of 23. Now, Kylie is more than her butt (though it still shines) and people now know her as a billionaire and makeup mogul.

kylie jenner's butt

Beauty and Bootylicious

Kylie Jenner was never shaken by the plastic surgery or butt implant rumors. She went ahead to become an internet sensation and gathered such a huge following.

Even if she had any surgery, her plastic surgeon must have been such a good one. Her fans would be quoted saying if she had any surgery, they would love to meet that plastic surgeon.

Kylie entered the scene so beautiful and bootylicious she commanded a following. The good thing with her is she never had to do some of the things done by her counterparts the Kardashians.


These became rivals by default seeing she had stolen their limelight to a point. Even Beverly Hills hadn’t seen such beauty even with a resident celebrity dermatologist in some celebrity homes.

Rumors of multiple cosmetic procedures flooded the internet as some people alleged she had a Brazilian butt lift. She however wasn’t going to bulge. After all the fuss, it turned out these two were related. Kylie was a Kardashian and soon enough, they started getting along. Kylie even featured a number of times in the Kardashians reality show. When asked about her beautiful face and amazingly sculpted body figure, she tossed away rumors of using any butt enhancement cream or temporary lip fillers. She alleged that’s her natural body shape.

A Rise To Fame.

Kylie rose fast to become a billionaire makeup mogul as she ventured into the cosmetics industries. Today, she’s one of the self-made billionaires in the industry and says she holds no beef with her sisters the Kardashians.

beach booty photos

Kylie Shows Off Booty While Partying With Her Sisters

In March 2019, she came out to party with her sisters Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe. As they enjoyed a meal at an exotic Italian restaurant, her booty shone all the way through. She’s so good at what she does that her billionaire booty didn’t falter on that day. She could have worn anything else but choose to rock in a figure hugging dress.

It Pays To Advertise…Especially your Booty.

Showing off her bum wasn’t part of the agenda on that day. Kylie came to party but her booty took the day. It’s an amazing thing though she gets vindicated for it so much.

Photos of a Beatiful Booty.

Having a buttiful booty as seen on the exclusive photos has its own challenges. For example, so many podcasts and vlogs on that day couldn’t help but ask one common question, did she do this intentionally or she was trying to sell some of her products using her butt cheek?

Were the Rumors True?

Despite never commenting on using butt creams, having any butt lift and butt injection rumors, the truth was bound to come out. As we speak, Kylie has never ever admitted she went under the knife. She however has no problem with anyone who does. To date, the only person who knows for sure if Kylie underwent any surgery is her and maybe her plastic surgeon. There might be doubts but these are the only people who know for sure. What we know is she’s never used butt pads though lip fillers might be her thing.

Kylie Jenner’s Bum In The Spot Light.

As badly as she stays away from rumors, it’s evident that she underwent some type of surgery. take a look at some of her before and after pictures and the difference is well visible. No one says no to such evident transformation when cosmetic surgery is mentioned. She never revealed all the truth but she says that she tip toed around it. However, people choose to judge her though she never lied. Yeah! welcome to the world Kylie, people judge you anyways!

Is Kylie Jenners Butt Real?

Using lip fillers is a different story however. She came out and commented on using fillers. For long, she was uncomfortable with her lips and put. She became insanely insecure with her lips when she kissed a guy who made a joke about her lips. The guy told her she had small lips but she was a good kisser and Kylie knew she had to do something about it. She came out with using fillers in 2015 during a reality TV show episode. She however says it’s the only thing she had close to cosmetic surgery. She even had the fillers dissolved and got rid of them completely. Only to add some more less than two weeks later.

Kylie’s Booty!

Apart from showing off her billionaire butt, Kylie now has to make effort and stay on track as she has a status to maintain and we hope she does it as amazingly as she does with her butt.

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