The Famous Prince Assless Chaps

When we talk of music icons, Prince, alongside others like Michael Jackson, comes to mind. Apart from being a music icon, Prince was also a fashion icon. None of his numerous stage shows ended without him revealing a stunning fashion innovation, such as the famous Prince Assless Chaps!. Not even his designers would comprehend what Prince wanted up until they were done with the design.


During his performance at the Madison Square Garden during his “Welcome to America” tour, everyone, including his backup dancers, shined the fashion way. His outfits were sometimes referred to as some of the most outrageous in the history of pop music. No other celebrity or artist had the guts to rock in fashion the way Prince did.

Purple Dwarf In Assless Chaps?

One of his favorite colors was purple, and since Prince wasn’t as tall, some people called him the Purple Dwarf. He trademarked the color with his song “Purple Rain.” Prince wore everything fashionable, from the amazing white pants to the half-Batman-half-Joker suit. He was one of those artists who could mix almost all colors and rock in them. Other celebrities like John Peel and QB Aaron Rodgers tried this and failed terribly. They couldn’t even get out with their outfits. It’s at this time they agreed Prince’s outfits were unmistakable and unique to him.

Fashion Icon.

Being a fashion icon worked amazingly for Prince. The Purple Dwarf decided to rock in assless chaps during the MTV Video Music Awards. Of course, this is the only person who could pull such a stunt and get away with it unscathed. Stevie Wonder decided to try such outfits one time, and not even his security would let him out. Prince was like the rights holder to such fashion items and courageous wear. To date, most of his fans wear assless chaps and purple outfits to any of his tribute performances by other artists. It’s difficult not to love the atmospheric element any time fans attend the tribute performances.

A Pop Star Like No Other.

Prince didn’t become famous because of wearing assless chaps. True it brought him to the headlines whenever he did, but he was more than that. He once wore yellow bell-bottomed pants during a VMA performance. He was that daring. On that day, he delivered one of the most memorable and energetic performance of his time. In an interview with BBC Radio, Prince said whenever he stepped on stage, his spirit would whisper to him, give it your all, and he would get filled with something that felt like magical energy.

Normal Attire Of Prince – Not Just Prince Assless Chaps.

Prince wasn’t a weird chap, and he did all he did for his fans. Every once in a while, he would wear ‘normal attire’ to events that would shock some people. He would wear a shirt and a blazer like a keynote speaker to some important conference and attend events that showed he was as normal as other artists. The only time he would never wear the “normal attire” was during his performances. Not even one of his energetic performance did he come wearing a blazer. He fully indulged and gave it his all, which is a great personal remembrance.

Princes Flared Turtle-Neck.

At the 2010 BET Awards in Los Angeles, the late star appeared in an Asian-inspired flared turtle neck coupled with white pants. It was hardly ever to spot Prince in baggy pants, but this came close to it. He was a creative genius who managed to give an energetic performance every time he stepped on stage and grabbed his fans’ attention with his creative outfits.

He Wore What Ever Made Him Feel Good.

Before Prince became an iconic star who wore anything he wanted, it took some work. At first, fans thought his look and outfits were excessively sexual. However, Prince never backed down. He combined his looks with his sexually open content and made a bold move which made him a star to date. Before he rocked in the Ass-less chaps in 1991, he started with bikini briefs, a Mac, and a neckerchief. Remember, this was during the time that he was starting his career. It was a bold move to wear Batwing chaps later on and never back down even after getting booed by fans.

Thigh High-Stockings…not just Prince Assless Chaps.

When he wore thigh-high stockings, fans booed him, and he was the opening act for Rolling Stones the band. To date, he remains one of the biggest stars of all time in the music industry. He is well remembered by fans and celebrities, too, who hold and attend Prince tribute performances.

In 1984, his designer Marie France helped Prince perfect an iconic look. It involved frilly shirts that looked like the cousins of Princess Di’s pie-crust shirts; his hair wound tightly in rapturous dancing curls and stack-heeled platform boots. Whatever Prince did, he stuck with it until his fans accepted his outrageous fashion looks. Thanks to him, his fashion and creative outfits helped shape the fashion world.

Prince’s Fashion Impacts the Fashion World.

The late star is one of the biggest pop stars in the world. He brought an entirely new conversation about gender to the fashion world. The famous Prince Assless chaps certainly added fuel to this conversation. When he started wearing lace gloves and high heels, the world started rethinking how a man or woman should dress. This helped push the boundaries of acceptability and taste. This was highly appreciated by a lot of people in the pop music industry. Frank Ocean, a singer, once highlighted that Prince’s boldness in his outfits and attire made him feel comfortable with the way he sexually identified simply by Prince’s courageous display of freedom from and irreverence from the somehow archaic idea of gender conformity.

Prince Was A Major Fashion Trend-Setter.

Through fashion, Prince influenced famous brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Donatella Versace, and Matthew Williamson. He also, directly and indirectly, influenced the look of Justin Bieber, Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes, and D’Angelo. Thanks to Prince, the conversation about gender that goes on today was ignited. People remember his energetic VMA performance that happened years ago, but through his courage and boldness, he ignited a discussion that has led to the fashion freedom of expression we see today.

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